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PT Education Research Network

What is Education Research?

Education research is the scientific field of study that examines education and learning processes and the human attributes, interactions, organizations, and institutions that shape educational outcomes. Scholarship in the field seeks to describe, understand, and explain how learning takes place throughout a person’s life and how formal and informal contexts of education affect all forms of learning. Education research embraces the full spectrum of rigorous methods appropriate to the questions being asked and also drives the development of new tools and methods.

Taken from: http://www.aera.net/About-AERA/What-is-Education-Research

What is the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning?

“The systematic study of teaching and learning, using established or validated criteria of scholarship, to understand how teaching (beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, and values) can maximize learning, and/or develop a more accurate understanding of learning, resulting in products that are publicly shared for critique and use by an appropriate community”

From: Potter MK, Dustra E The Relationship between Scholarly Teaching and SoTL: Models, Distinctions, and Clarifications; IJ-SOTL, Vol 5, (1) 2011

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What's Our Research Agenda?

Check out the National Study on Innovation and Excellence in Physical Therapist Education which now serves as the foundation of the Education Leadership Partnership’s research agenda

Meetings and Events in Education Research



  • Dates are being determined for an Education Research Network Event at ELC 2019 in Bellevue, WA 

Submit your Education Research meeting or event for publication on this page to acapt@apta.org


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