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Clinical Reasoning Curricula & Assessment

This consortium will serve as a resource and forum for educators both clinical and academic interested in best practice for teaching and assessing clinical reasoning skills. Additionally, the group will work to develop a research plan relative to clinical reasoning and will conduct multi-institutional research projects to increase our understanding of clinical reasoning.


  • To develop a research plan to further the understanding of all aspects of clinical reasoning
  • To conduct multi-site research studies relative to clinical reasoning
  • To provide continuing education relative to teaching and assessing of clinical reasoning
  • To develop best practice standards for clinical reasoning curricula and assessment
  • To be a resource for educators seeking advanced knowledge relative to understanding, teaching and assessing clinical reasoning skills

The CRCAC Consortium will meet at CSM and ELC

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    Save the Date for the Clinical Reasoning Symposia II: Forging Ahead!



    March 14 - 15 (day 1 & 2): Building Capacity for Clinical Reasoning Research

    These two days are open to enrollment by physical therapists and physical therapist assistants that are interested in exploring the teaching/learning and assessment dimensions of clinical reasoning that in turn leads to education research/scholarly work.  

    At the end of this two day symposium, participants will be able to: 

    • Discuss theoretical frameworks that facilitate examination of the development of clinical reasoning and education research  
    • Discuss the research designs and methods that supports educational research in clinical reasoning (mixed methods, qualitative) 
    • Identify strategies for developing collaborative relationships in research 
    • Identify, review and appraise foundational research related to clinical reasoning to provide a basis for future research questions and next steps

    Topics for Day 1 and 2: 

    • Clinical Reasoning in Physical Therapy: Concepts, Structures and Possibilities
    • Challenges in Identifying, Communicating, and Monitoring Expectations in the Development of Clinical Reasoning  
    • Theoretical frameworks that support educational research and clinical reasoning
    • Research methodologies that supports educational research in clinical reasoning (mixed methods, qualitative)
    • Strategies for developing collaborative research relationships
    • Working…developing the plan, identifying mentorship and collaborators

    Call for Abstracts for Poster Presentations

    Attendees of Days 1 – 2 are invited to submit an abstract for the poster presentations during the symposium.  

    Purpose:  The poster presentations are intended to facilitate the dissemination of current research that is occurring in the fields of clinical reasoning and/or the scholarship of teaching and learning.  A variety of abstract types including case studies, research, special interest and/or theoretical reports are considered for inclusion.  

    Peer Review Process:  A Poster Review Committee, whose decisions are final, make the determination of acceptance/non-acceptance.  All presenters of accepted posters are required to register and pay the full conference registration fee.  Presenters are expected to engage in discussion of their posters for 1 hour on either Saturday March 14 OR Sunday March 15.  Submission site with specifics on categories for the abstracts will be opening soon.  

    Submission Process:
    There is $30 fee for submission.  All abstracts must be submitted electronically to chris.sebelski@health.slu.edu. Continue watching this page for details on how to  submit your poster.

    March 16-17 (day 3 & 4):  Addressing the WIGS:  Wildly Important Goals in Clinical Reasoning

    This is an invitation, nomination, application process with a target of educational researchers in the topic area of clinical reasoning.  This two day Gordon like Conference will focus on implementation of the 5 Priority Research Areas:  

  • What is clinical reasoning in Physical Therapy? 
  • What should entry-level CR look like? 
  • What is the trajectory of learner development of CR abilities? 
  • What are best practices for teaching and assessment of clinical reasoning?  
  • What is the role of clinical reasoning and shared decision making in the context of team based care?

  • keep watching this page for details regarding the invitation, nomination, application portion for days 3 & 4.

    At the end of this two day Gordon-like conference, participants will be able to:

    • Describe, build, and prioritize upon the 5 Priority Research Areas for clinical reasoning
    • Develop a collaborative research project/study designed to address one of the 5 Priority Research Areas
    • Establish a plan for timeline and deliverables

    Registration and sponsorship information forthcoming.

    We are excited to welcome our new members of the Executive Committee, Dr. Wing Fu and Dr. Jennifer Canbek. (See full leadership list below.) The CRCAC had a robust election with 57 members casting votes this past spring 2019. 

    We are excited to announce that nominations for the 2020 election are now open for the following positions of the Executive Committee of the Clinical Reasoning Curricula and Assessment Consortia:  secretary, chair of nominating committee and nominating committee member.   

    1) Secretary:

    • Be responsible for keeping the minutes of all Consortium meetings of members and/or officers
    • Prepare and submit written reports of the activities of the Consortium to ACAPT Board of Directors;
    • Notify Consortium members of the date, time, and place of Consortium meetings;
    • Maintain the Consortium’s archives and correspondence
    • Make Consortium minutes and policies and procedures available to the membership through the Consortium’s page(s) on the ACAPT website.

    2)  Chairperson of Nominating Committee:

    Nominating Committee Members serve the consortia for 3 year terms. Typically, the senior member of the Nominating Committee shall serve as Chairperson of the nominating Committee during the 3rd year of service.  Currently, our Consortia is in an odd on-boarding cycle where we will need to elect into this position. The Nominating Committee Chairperson shall oversee the functions of the Nominating Committee.

    3) Nominating Committee Members:

    Nominating Committee Members serve the consortia for 3 year terms. In the first 2 years of service, they will be expected to assist the Chairperson of the Nominating Committee in carrying out the functions of the Nominating Committee. In the 3rd year of service, Nominating Committee Members will be expected to serve as Chairperson of the Nominating Committee and oversee the functions of the Nominating Committee which includes:

    • Prepares a ballot for offices and coordinates the nomination process; all attempts will be made to include a minimum of two candidates per office, when possible.
    • Determines eligibility of prospective candidates.
    • Contacts prospective candidates to obtain consent to serve.
    • Requests short biography from each candidate to be sent with consent to serve form
    • Prepare a slate of one (1) or more names for each office to be filled. The slate (i.e. list of candidates), shall be published in communications to Consortium members and distributed to the membership at least 30 days prior to the election.
    • Conducts elections by electronic and mail ballot in conjunction with the Executive Office.
    • Notifies winners of election and welcomes them.
    • Notifies individuals not elected and maintains a record of their consent to service for future considerations and needs that may support the work of the Consortium. 

    Current Leadership

    Chair: Chris Sebelski PT DPT PhD OCS chris.sebelski@health.slu.edu

    Vice Chair: Wing Fu, PT, MA, PhD  wf2214@cumc.columbia.edu

    Secretary: Nicole Christensen, PT, PhD MAppSC nchristensen@samuelmerritt.edu

    Nominating Committee:

    Jennifer Canbek, PT, PhD, NCS    canbek@nova.edu

    Brent Harper PT DPT DSc  PhD, OCS  bharper2@radford.edu

    Teresa (Terri) M. Miller, PT, PhD, GCFP  millert@stjohns.edu

    Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) 2019: Clinical Reasoning Curricula & Assessment Consortium (CRCAC) Meeting Minutes

    Educational Leadership Conference (ELC) 2018:  CRCAC Meeting Minutes

    CSM 2018: Flyer

    NEXT 2018: Meeting Summary Report

    ELC 2017: CRCAC Meeting Minutes

    Bellarmine University

    Beth Ennis, PT, EdD

    Campbell University

    Frank Tudini, PT, DSc, OCS, FAAOMPT

    Chapman University

    Susan Mais Requejo,

    Chapman University

    Jacklyn Brechter , PhD, PT

    Clarkson University

    Vicki Lafay,

    Columbia University

    Wing Fu, PT, PhD, MA

    Columbia University

    Laurel Abbruzzese, PT, EdD, FNAP

    Columbia University

    Stacy Kinirons, PT, PhD, MPH

    Columbia University

    Mahlon Stewart, PT, DPT, GCS

    Creighton University

    Lisa Black, PT, DPT

    Creighton University

    Jennifer Furze, PT, DPT, PCS

    Des Moines Universtiy - Osteopathic Medical Center

    Juanita Robel, PT, CLT-LANA

    East Tennessee State University

    James Boone, PT, DPT, OCS

    East Tennessee State University

    James Boone, PT, DPT, OCS

    Elon University

    Wendy Herbert, PT, PhD

    Emory University

    Tami Phillips, PT, DPT, MBA

    Emory University

    Tambre Phillips, PT, DPT, MBA

    Florida Gulf Coast University

    Mark Erickson, PT, MA, DScPT, OCS, COMT, CFP

    Gannon University

    stephanie adams, DHSc, OTR/L

    Husson University

    Karen Huhn, PT PhD

    Husson University

    Kelly Macauley, PT, EdD, DPT, CCS, GCS

    Husson University

    Laura Sage, PT, DPT, MEd, GCS, WCC

    Loma Linda University

    Christine WILSON, DPT, OCS

    Loma Linda University

    Theresa Joseph, PT,DPT,MBA,NCS

    Long Island University - Brooklyn Campus

    Rosa Torres-Panchame, PT, DPT, OCS

    Long Island University - Brooklyn Campus

    Nia Mensah, PT, DPT, PCS

    Long Island University - Brooklyn Campus

    Peggy Lynam, PT, DPT, NCS

    Mercer University

    Nora Bethany Collier,

    Mercer University

    Beth Collier, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT

    MGH Institute of Health Professions

    Tracy Brudvig, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS

    Mount St Joseph University

    Michael Obert,

    Mount St Joseph University

    Lisa Dehner, PT, PhD, CEEAA

    Nazareth College of Rochester

    JJ Mowder-Tinney, PT, PhD, NCS

    New York University

    Teresa Miller, PT, PhD

    New York University

    Sue O'Brien, PhD

    New York University

    Michael johnson, PT, DSc, OCS, SCS

    New York University

    wei zhang, DPT program full time faculty

    New York University

    Michael Masaracchio, PT, PhD, OCS, SCS, FAAOMPT

    Northern Arizona University

    Petra Williams,

    Northwestern University

    Bill Healey, PT, EdD, GCS

    Nova Southeastern University - Fort Lauderdale

    Jennifer Canbek, PT, PhD, NCS

    Nova Southeastern University - Fort Lauderdale

    Rania Margonis, PT, DPT

    Nova Southeastern University - Fort Lauderdale

    Rania Margonis, PT, DPT, NCS

    Nova Southeastern University - Fort Lauderdale

    Archana Vatwani, PT, DPT, MBA, CLWT, CDP

    Nova Southeastern University - Tampa

    Lynda Ross, PT, DPT, DHS, PCS, MS

    Quinnipiac University

    Tracy Wall, PT, PhD

    Quinnipiac University

    Ken Kosior, PT, EdD, PTM, ATC

    Quinnipiac University

    Ken Kosior, PT, EdD, MPT, ATC

    Radford University

    Brent Harper, PT, DPT, DSc, OCS, FAAOMPT

    Radford University

    shala cunningham, PT, DPT, PhD

    Regis University

    Larisa Hoffman, PhD

    Rockhurst University

    Linda D'Silva, PT, PhD

    Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions

    Kevin Helgeson, DHSc, PT

    Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

    JimmiNi VedOEqNVnSbyutBXGQg, CXfgZcpTsEeDokQg

    Saint Francis University

    Kara L Kobal,

    Saint Louis University

    Chris Sebelski, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS

    Samuel Merritt University

    Nicole Christensen, PT, PhD, MAppSc

    Seton Hall University

    michael giuliano , MD, MEd, MHPE, MA

    Shenandoah University

    Aaron Hartstein,

    Simmons College

    Stacey Maguire, PT, DPT, NCS

    State University of New York Downstate Medical Center

    Teresa Miller, PT, PhD, GCFP

    Texas Womans University

    Jennifer Barbee Ellison,

    Texas Womans University

    Jennifer Ellison, PT, PhD

    Texas Woman's University

    Elke Schaumberg, PT, MS, DPT, PhD(c)

    The College of St Scholastica

    Samantha Mohn-Johnsen, PT, DPT, EdD, OCS, PCS

    The Ohio State University

    Amelia Siles, PT, DPT, NCS

    The Ohio State University

    Amelia Siles, PT, DPT, NCS

    The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    Jennifer Martin, PT, DPT, GCS

    The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    Rebecca Bliss, PT, DPT

    Thomas Jefferson University

    Susan Wainwright, PT PhD

    Touro University of Nevada

    Steve Liaos, DPT, DSC(c), OCS, SCS, FAAOMPT

    University at Buffalo, State University of New York

    Barneyxcq bLZPOSPJpxETTcqoGd, tXkDbQFPqUBnwviRX

    University of Cincinnati

    Ben Just, PT, MPT

    University of Colorado

    Michael Bade, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS, FAAOMPT

    University of Florida

    stephanie adams, DHSc, OTR/L

    University of Hartford

    Tricia Prokop, PT, MSPT, EdD

    University of Kansas Medical Center

    Stacia Troshynski Brown, PT, DPT

    University of Michigan - Flint

    Karen Berg,

    University of Minnesota

    Becky Olson-Kellogg,

    University of Minnesota

    Jacquelyn Ruen,

    University of Minnesota

    Jacquelyn Ruen,

    University of Missouri

    Anita Campbell,

    University of North Florida

    Nicholas LaRosa, DPT

    University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth

    Yasser Salem, PT, PhD, NCS, PCS

    University of Puget Sound

    Jason Steere, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT

    University of South Alabama

    Heidi McDermott, PT, DPT, OCS

    University of South Dakota

    Kory Zimney, PT, DPT

    University of Southern California

    Sarah Gilliland, PT, DPT, PhD, CSCS

    University of Southern California

    Michael Andersen, PT, DPT, OCS

    University of Southern California

    Jonna Schengel, PT, MA, Ed.D.

    University of Southern California

    Deborah Walker, PT, DPT, OCS, GCS, CEEAA

    University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences - Florida

    Tobi Baldwin, PT

    University of Texas at El Paso

    Bryan Boyea, PT, DPT, OCS

    University of Texas at El Paso

    Bryan Boyea, PT, DPT, OCS

    University of Texas at El Paso

    Bryan Boyea, PT, DPT, OCS

    University of the Incarnate Word

    Jaime Gonzalez, PT, DPT, OCS, SCS

    University of the Sciences

    Lora Packel, PT, PhD

    University of Utah

    Elizabeth Lane, PT, DPT, PhD(c), OCS, FAAOMPT

    University of Utah

    Kevin Helgeson, DHSc, PT

    University of Vermont

    Barneyxcq gSBQWEUubqeiJjOI, BuvyCTtfxnlP

    University of Washington

    Murray Maitland, PT, PhD

    University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee

    Kathryn Zalewski,

    Virginia Commonwealth University

    Shawne Soper, PT, DPT, MBA

    Washington University in St. Louis

    Carey L Holleran,

    West Virginia University

    Julia Castleberry, DPT, NCS, GCS

    West Virginia University

    shala cunningham, PT, DPT, PhD

    West Virginia University

    shala cunningham, PT, DPT, PhD

    Winston-Salem State University

    Nancy Smith,

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